The Department has 8 laboratories and 1 specialized classroom.

No. Name Room Area (sq.m.)
1 Relay Protection Laboratory А-331 72
2 Energy Systems Automation Laboratory A-342 54
3 Electric Power Stations and Substations Laboratory A-409 72
4 Electrotechnological Installations Laboratory A-116 72
5 Electromechanics and Electrotechnical Equipment Laboratory A-238 36
6 Electrical Machines Laboratory A-123 72
7 Overvoltage and Insulation in Electrical Installations Laboratory A-131 72
8 Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory named after Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Full Member of the Academy of Sciences F.K. Boyko A-240 72

The Department has a new laboratory in classroom A-240 (Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory) where the following courses are taught: Electrical Power Engineering, Automation of Energy Systems, Electrical Stations and Substations, Electric Machines, Over-voltage and Insulation in Electrical Installations.


1) Electrical Machines Laboratory (А-123)
2) Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory (А-240)
3) Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory (А-240)
4) Energy Systems Automation Laboratory (А-342)
5) Relay Protection Laboratory (А-331)
6) Electrotechnological Installations Laboratory (А-116)