History of the Department

The Department of Physical Education and Sport has existed since the establishment of Pavlodar Industrial Institute in 1960. The Department is responsible for teaching classes in physical education. It has a sports club that prepared 22 masters and candidates for master of sport, 3206 competitive sportsmen over the last decade.

The program in 050108 Physical Education and Sport has been available since 2008. The Department has good sport facilities and highly qualified teaching staff which ensures provision of top-quality educational services in the field of physical education and sport.



Head of the Department

The Head of the Department is Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Yuriy Anatolyevich Mastobayev. He graduated from Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute with a degree in Physical Education and Sport in 1989. He received his second degree in Psychology from Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute in 2006.

In 2007 he defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences entitled “Formation of the Skill of Making Managerial Decisions by University Administration” in 13.00.08 - Theory and Methods of Vocational Education. The thesis was defended at the Joint Thesis Council of Karagandy State University. In 2011, he received the academic title of Associate Professor.

He has more than 40 scientific publications, author's certificate for an electronic learning aid; the results of his research were introduced in the process of the teaching staff professional development at Universities of Russia and Kazakhstan.

He successfully completed the professional development course entitled “Application of Distance Learning Technologies in the Educational Process” (72 hours) in 2013.

He was awarded an honorary certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for his many years of work, significant contribution to the development of the system of education and working with younger generation.

Contact information::

140008, Pavlodar, 64 Lomov St., the Department of Physical Education and Sport (Room А-09), tel. 67-36-69, ext. 1148.



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