Dear PhD students and academic staff!

Lodz University of Technology (Poland) invites Candidates to apply for scholarship exchange (scholarship will be only for one candidate) of PhD candidates and academic staff.

The objectives of the visit should be closely related to the subject matter of the PhD thesis (PhD candidates) or educational and/or scientific work (academic staff).

The required application documents:

1. Application for co-financing of mobility

2.Document (e.g. a letter, e-mail) confirming that the Candidate is ready to be accepted by the host institution and indicating the purpose and dates of mobility in accordance with the Application for Mobility Funding.

3. A document confirming knowledge of a foreign language (i.e. the language of the host country or English) at a minimum B2 level.

The application can be downloaded at:

Deadline April 5, 2019


For more information, please, contact the CAM (office 260) or call .+7-71882-67-36-65 (1205).