Dear students!

Applications are being received for the award of vacant undergraduate and graduate grants released during the studying at the Student Service Center (hereinafter SSC) until January 5, 2020.

To participate in the competition, students on a contractual basis must submit the following documents to the SSC:

• application addressed to the rector of participation in the competition

• application for transcript

• copy of identity card

The competition is held based on the results of midterm assessment based on the GPA. In the case of the same GPA indicators (Grade Point Average ), students with only A, A- ("excellent") grades have the prerogative right, then grades from A, A- ("excellent") to B +, B, B-, C + ("good"), then mixed grades for the entire training period.

Applications of applicants are considered in the context of groups of educational programs, forms and terms of study, taking into account the year of admission and submitted for consideration by the Academic Council of the University. In the absence of applicants for a group of educational programs, vacant educational grants are redistributed within the training area or field of education.


• List of vacant grants

• Grant Award Rules